Our Mission:  We exist to defend the cause of the poor and needy, by empowering people who are living on the margins of society to thrive.

Who We Are:   E4 Project exists to “defend the cause of the poor and needy” primarily in Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The 4 E’s in our name, educate, engage, equip and empower are derived both from the principles outlined in Steve Corbett and Brian Fickkert’s book When Helping Hurts and the “CHE” philosophy of missions. These models are the driving force behind the way we approach the problem of poverty. We believe working through and alongside the local church is the best way to make a significant impact in the communities we serve in, building up the church and giving glory to God for all that is done. We focus on medical and social outreach ministries as an avenue to share the hope we have in Christ with those in need.

We strive to help our local ministry partners achieve tangible community development and transformation through strategic programs that serve the poor and advance the Gospel. We engage in, and lend support to projects that our international partners have expressed an interest in, or have already started. We develop partnerships with US-based churches, other non-profit organizations and individuals/companies and facilitate their engagement with our international partners to assist them in reaching their goals. This support takes many forms such as education, training, short-term mission teams, financial support and technical support. We are intentional about making sure that all projects and programs we serve with are locally-led and driven.

Modeling the E4 Process

Raise awareness about all issues related to poverty and present people with ways to effect change through holistic ministry approaches

Connect leaders throughout the world to defend the cause of the poor and needy.  We can serve God and others more effectively together than we can on our own.

Bridge the gap between available resources (people, financial and technological) with the needs of impoverished communities

Our ultimate goal is to help our local ministry partners create sustainable solutions, and to see them replicate the E4 process in other impoverished nations.

– Defending the cause of the poor and needy –

“He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?” Declares the Lord. – Jeremiah 22:16

E4 Project ascribes to the Lausanne Covenant.