1.  It’s about relationships – We serve with leaders who we already have a relationship with. We value relationships with our ministry partners and the people we serve more than accomplishing projects. Biblically based relationships guide how we serve.

2.  Locally Led/Locally Driven  – The goal of long term sustainability is deeply rooted in local stakeholders. We will come alongside our partners to help where we can, but they will drive their own programs in their own countries.

3. Holistic approach to ministry – This is defined as serving the needs of the whole person – social, mental, physical and spiritual.  Our partners all apply this approach to to ministry. Every program or project we are involved with will have this as the foundation.

4.  Peer Partnership  –  We serve together with our partner ministries and work hand-in-hand with national churches and the social/medical outreach ministries. We do not have authority over any of the ministries we serve with, the local church leadership does.

5. Long Term Focus – Lasting community development takes time to do well. While we do respond to current emergencies and needs, ultimately our focus is helping communities overcome long-term obstacles to their development.