Work on the new school is wrapping up and only one obstacle to opening the new building this fall remains; the empty classrooms need desks for the students. The school needs desks for 300 students plus a few more for teachers and the principal’s office. For more on the need for a new school check out the school construction cause page here.

All the desks will be made using a standard wide-desk design that accommodates three pupils per desk. They will be fabricated out of durable, locally sourced hardwood and produced by the hospital carpentry shop at a cost of $60 per desk ($20 per pupil). The school needs a total of 112 desks at $60 each, totaling $6,720. God willing, we hope to begin building the desks as soon as possible to accommodate students by September 3rd.

With these desks made out of durable hardwood, we expect them to least 20 years, allowing at least 1,500 students to advance through this primary school utilizing the desks we can provide for them today.

Please select the amount you would like to donate below:

  • One Seat ($20)
  • One Desk ($60)
  • One Classroom ($1,080)


Other amount? Please specify the amount you would like to give?