Background: For decades Nebobongo Hospital has relied upon a 1982 Land Rover Defender to accomplish the everyday transportation needs you would expect of a hospital, primarily moving around critical medications and supplies as well as key personnel. It is amazing they have been able to keep the Defender on the road for 35 years in such challenging conditions, but it is simply no longer up to the task. Their current Land Rover is their primary lifeline and one of just three vehicles in a community of 35,000 people. The other two being owned by the catholic church and government ministry of health.


“Their current Land Rover is their primary lifeline and one of just three vehicles in a community of 35,000 people.”

Current: We have identified the replacement vehicle to be a Toyota Landcruiser 79 Crew Cab with some accessories to make it better suited to the local road conditions. The new truck will be able to carry 6 passengers and one ton of cargo long distances over rough terrain. We will also be ordering some modifications directly from Toyota to further improve its capabilities and ruggedness such as speciality tires, a winch and fully locking differentials to help it get through muddy roads caused by a nine month long rainy season. We are also adding a troop carrier canopy and foldable benches to the bed of the truck allowing cargo to be kept out of the rain or carry an additional 4-6 passengers. We are also making some prudent modifications like a stronger fuel filtration system to protect the engine from the bad fuel found locally as well as a metal skid plate under to engine to protect it from scraping on the large rocks in the road. Including all of these modifications and the shipment from the dealership in Gibraltar the total cost is expected to be $55,000, which believe to be a bargain when you consider the durable capability it will deliver to the hospital for the next two decades or more. For a summary of the full quote click here. Please consider making a generous donation today to help replace the Nebobongo vehicle, while easy transportation is taken for granted in America, for the hospital is a constant struggle with lives in the balance.