After a 2012 epidemic overwhelmed Nebobonogo Christian Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), forcing up to 4 children to share each hospital bed, attention was drawn to the size and condition of the pediatric building which was 50 year old building. It was built using a hybrid of simple mud brick and cement, did not have electricity, indoor sanitary plumbing or indoor water. The building itself was deemed to be a danger to the children by a visiting pediatrician from another African mission due to the poor structure after so many years. The old ward has been torn down and the new building is nearly complete after two years of construction. Once completed the facility will add 35 beds to the current 100 bed hospital and will be equipped with indoor sanitation, plumbing, electricity and modern equipment recently delivered in a container of medical supplies from the States. The building will also have a second story that will replace the aging staff conference room and provide valuable meeting and training space for the staff.


The construction of the building has been led by a group of Nebobongo supporters from the Fresno, CA area and facilitated through the non-profit CARES and primarily Medical Ministries International who has also led the shipping of two containers filled with vital supplies for the hospital. Together they have raised over $73,500 which has seen the building through to about 80% completion. This past spring another epidemic overwhelmed the hospital with pediatric patients, reinforcing the need to finish the pediatric ward. Pictured above is a photo taken in February with 3-4 pediatric patients per bed and a current photo of the new pediatric ward that is under construction.

Interior Ceiling-$2,000
Poured Concrete Interior Floor- $5,300
Plastered Interior Walls- $2,400
Staircase to Second Floor- $780
Finished Exterior Masonry- $600
Ceiling for Second Story- $1,100

For a translated copy of the complete estimate click here.


This is considered to be the top priority by the local people in the Nebobongo community. We are hoping to identify donors who can give specifically for each of these remaining items. Through our collaboration as a brothers and sisters in Christ, we know that this building can be completed in the near future.