Over the past two years we have seen our partner ministries in Congo and Gabon grow at a rapid pace. Our capacity to keep up with all of our existing programs, work on exciting new initiatives and maintain our US-based partnerships became greatly stretched. We intentionally run a lean organization but it became clear to our team and our board that we had reached our limits. This gave us two choices; stop taking on any new programs or make more room for staff and intentionally expand our network of US-based partner churches, non-profits, donors and advocates to support the continued development of our ministry partners in Gabon and Congo.

While we are in this transition period, the proportion of our operating expenses to ministry expenses are much higher than normal. Despite that reality we continue to honor our commitment to ensure that at least 90% of designated gifts are used for the intended ministry, putting a heavy strain on our general fund which we use to fund operations, respond to immediate needs and cover shortfalls in program fundraising when needed.

Donating to the E4 general fund is a strategic investment, especially during this time of organizational growth as we strive to defend the cause of the poor and needy as the Lord leads.

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