Preparing for Growth - $40,000

Over the past two years we have seen our partner ministries in Congo and Gabon grow at a rapid pace. Our capacity to keep up with all of our existing programs, work on exciting...

Nebobongo School Desks - $6,720

Work on the new school is wrapping up and only one obstacle to opening the new building this fall remains… the empty classrooms need desks for the students.

Pediatric Building - $20,080

Current: After a 2012 epidemic overwhelmed Nebobonogo Christian Hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), forcing up to 4 children to share each hospital bed, attention was drawn to the size and condition...

Nebobongo School - $40,000

One of the major areas of development the Nebobongo church leaders have been eager to pursue is a new primary school for the children in their community (replacing the buildings shown above). Currently the...

Malnutrition Program - $10,000

“Our greatest concern has always been for the children; but due to a lack of means our marginal efforts have really been insignificant.” -Dr. Christine Bataneni, pediatrician.

Animals of Opportunity - $7,500

Background: After our first in-person exposure to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the sustainability issues facing the Nebobongo hospital, surrounding community and church that we serve with came into sharp focus. We saw...

Crisis in DR Congo - $15,000

A deadly combination of malaria and a salmonella-like bacterial illness is causing an epidemic that is sweeping the Nebobongo region.

Hope House Construction - $8,000

Help finalize the new home for Hope House by donating funds for remaining construction needs.

Bricks, Pigs and Plantations - $13,500

Bring income and sustainability to one of the poorest regions on earth in the Democratic Republic of Congo

2x Impact - $25,000

Matching Gift Opportunity - double your impact today by becoming a new donor to E4 Project today.

Project Sunset - $5,000

Save lives by helping prevent the spread of Malaria with Project Sunset's mosquito net distribution program.

Hands of Grace - $14,400

E4 Project partners with Hands of Grace and together we are opening a sewing center for the women involved in this program in October, 2014

Hope House - $8,000

Help finalize the new home for Hope House by donating funds for remaining construction needs.