Engage your resources.  There is a temptation to believe that the problem of poverty is so overwhelming that we can’t make any difference.  But that is simply not true.  Even one person’s resources can make a real difference whether you give a one-time gift or you give each month, you can make a difference by:

  • Donating $10 to provide a mosquito net and training…which can potentially save the life of a child
  • Donating $25 a month to provide training and food supplements to help provide a future for malnourished children of Nebobongo
  • Donating $38 a month to support Hope House and provide a safe place for children in Libreville
  • Donating $750 and provide an entire village with clean water

There are many other options, but these give you a taste of the opportunities that are available.  And let’s be clear…the opportunities with E4 Project are real opportunities and if they aren’t funded they will be lost opportunities.  E4 Project can only accomplish what it does by having people partner with it.  

Here are the key programs that we are currently working on that need funding.

PK 27 Campus in Libreville,Gabon.  Libreville is unique in that it contains over half the population of the entire country.  This campus will serve as the base for all the medical and social outreach ministries of the church in Gabon.  But the church needs help in fulfilling their vision.

Project Sunset is a program that was started by a college student to reduce malaria first in Gabon and now in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Malaria is a significant disease in both countries and it can be especially dangerous to children from birth to age five.  Mosquito nets are one of the very best ways to protect people from this disease.

Hands of Grace is a program dedicated to helping marginalized women by training them in microenterprise and practical skills like sewing and jewelry making.  

Hope House is a place of safety, support, and love for children who have experienced difficulties.  This ministry was birthed out of a local pastor’s vision to see orphaned and marginalized children given the opportunity to experience the love of Christ and to thrive and enact positive change on a society that had left them for dead.

Nebobongo Hospital is a church-run hospital in a very impoverished area of the Democratic Republic of Congo.  The hospital meets incredible needs right on campus, but it is also seeking to meet needs in the villages through the Clean Water Project and expanding the Malnutrition Project.

For current needs, just go to the Cause Page and the Program Page