Engage your spirit.  When Jesus saw a situation that needed additional resources (Matthew 9:36-37) his first response was to encourage prayer!  At E4 we pray weekly for the needs of poor and needy in Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo, but we need more people to take up the call to pray.  This is both a call to pray, but it is also a call to stay informed as to what the most pressing needs are at any given point in time.

You can stay informed with what is going on in Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo by subscribing to our Facebook Page and checking out our webpage for any further developments.

Here are some further suggestions:

Pray for the Leaders

In Gabon

  • Victor Ndoukou Church President
  • Samuel Onyeabor Church Vice President
  • Jacob Mouele  Head of PK 27
  • Israel and Natalie Ndoungou Hope House
  • Marie Gabrielle Tsomo Hands of Grace
  • Martin Mbavu RBC and HIV Hope
  • Hippolyte Lubilanji  Bookstore
  • Mama Yolanda  Project Sunset

In the Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Dr Jean Claude Bataneni  Nebobongo Hospital
  • Dr Christine Bataneni  Malnutrition/Pediatrics
  • Jean Marie Hospital Administrator
  • Jean David Modibale Church President
  • Dr Bony Amani  Project Sunset
  • Dr Jean Sengi Malnutrition
  • Aberua Ikabu  Animals of Opportunity
  • Paul Inyasoo Animals of Opportunity
  • David Assobee Animals of Opportunity

Pray for

  • Health
  • Perseverance
  • Wisdom
  • Safety
  • Their families
  • Removal of Obstacles

Pray for the Programs

  • PK 27 – Gabon (a 65 acre piece of land set aside by the church to be a focal point of the church’s social outreach to Libreville)
    • Pray for continue progress in the construction of the clinic/hospital
    • Pray for direction for further development that will one day include Hope Village, schools, model farm, etc.
    • Pray that the churches in Gabon would rise up and give generously to PK 27 both financially as well as sending volunteers
  • Project Sunset – Gabon and Democratic Republic of Congo (Malaria Prevention)
    • Pray for its impact to continue to grow each year
    • Pray for Project Sunset in Gabon to attain sustainability soon
  • Animals of Opportunity – Democratic Republic of Congo (Reintroduction of pigs into an area that had them decimated)
    • Pray for the success of the program
    • Pray that the animals would multiply throughout the region
    • Pray that the church-based co-ops would thrive and be a blessing to all the people in region
  • Hands of Grace – Gabon (a microenterprise formed to bless widows)
    • Pray that Hands of Grace could be a source of strength and support to women who have been marginalized
    • Pray that the women would find ways to work with the church to expand their business.
  • Hope House – Gabon (a safe place for 50+ children)
    • Pray that Hope House would continue to be a place of safety, love, and comfort
    • Pray that Israel and Natalie would continue to find creative solutions to meet the needs of the children that are brought to them
    • Pray that the children would take advantage of their opportunity for education and thrive
    • Pray for those children who have difficult memories that they would find healing
  • HIV Hope – Gabon (a ministry that reaches out to the HIV+ community)
    • Pray that HIV Hope would be able to show the love of God
    • Pray that Martin’s dream of a full-time clinic would come to fruition
  • Nebobonogo Hospital – Democratic Republic of Congo
    • Pray that the hospital would continue to be able meet needs in a very impoverished area
    • Pray for the outreach ministry of the hospital…that it would be able to expand its services beyond the areas they have reached
    • Pray for the malnutrition program…that they would continue to save the lives of children and help their parents be able to thrive
    • Pray for the Clean Water Project…that the sealing of the springs would be a blessing to the communities and open the way for further spiritual blessings

Pray for the Countries