Pray about the possibility of becoming an E4 Volunteer:

E4 Associate:

An E4 Sponsored (operating with our mission & values) missionary that we send to work with one of our IMPs, for a specific period of time, to accomplish a specific set of goals & objectives. The goals and objectives have been determined by E4 and the IMP leadership.  It should be noted that this will only be done after careful determination that this is needed to empower the indigenous leadership to do the work of the ministry.  E4 will provide structure for anyone who wants to raise personal funds through our organization to pursue this option.

E4 Advocate

E4 Sponsored (operating with our mission & values) individuals who coach Faith Community Partners through the E4 Process

  1.  Recruit new faith community partners
  2. Connect new partners with tools and resources from our E4 Focus Groups.
  3. Serve as guide for partner trips
  4. Provide consultation and written materials for a short-term missions team (STMT) preparation and debriefing.
  5. Establish healthy avenues of communication that lead to engagement.  This will include STMTs going and then receiving members of an IMP.
  6.  Serve as team liaison/guide on trips until another advocates can be developed within the partner faith community family.
  7. Provide coaching for a faith community appointed team leader for each STMT.
  8. Arrange for all travel (including Visas, Authorization of Entries etc.), housing, food, insurance and transportation for each STMT.
  9. Set up and run program (day-to-day ministry schedule) for teams on the ground that fall in line with agreed upon strategy between the E4, IMPs and western faith community.
  10. Consult with IMPs & western faith community to identify an overall collective ministry strategy.
  11.  Provide connection with E4 Focus groups for consultation on direction and healthy practices in regards to equipping and empowering the faith community in partnerships with our IMPs.