We are in partnership with Martin Mbavu and his ministry in Libreville, Gabon for people with HIV/AIDS.  Martin just purchased land at Public Kilometer 23 (only 4 km away from our PK27 future campus).  Within a week of purchasing the land, he had already built and put up corner markers for the property.  We will be serving with Martin to build a large home on this property to take care of and minister to the people of Gabon with HIV/AIDS.  Below is some information on Martin and the mission/vision of his ministry.


  •  Slow the spread or the expansion of HIV disease
  •  Reduce stigma and discrimination.


  • Serve vulnerable people, in particular persons living with HIV/AIDS;
  • Reinforce other NGOs’ capacities fighting against HIV/AIDS thanks to HIV/AIDS and hope approach;
  • Replicate the project in the future in other parts of Gabon and Africa.

Martin MBAVU has an Advanced Postgraduate Degree of Nutrition & Health (1994), and a Master of Science, Biology (1985).  He has worked as Community Health Project Coordinator for the United States Peace Corps/Gabon (1998 – 2004) and as Public Health Consultant for the United States Peace Corps Cameroon and Guinea.

He is also Research Assistant on HIV/AIDS & Fatalism, RESEARCH FOR HEALTH, Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, United States of America.

Since 2005 he is working as Public Health Consultant for several international organizations such as UNICEF, UNDP, Global Fund, and Japan International Cooperation Agency.