E4’s first project is PK27, a 65-acre campus that will serve the capital city of Libreville of 750,000. The campus will serve as a base for all medical & social outreach ministries. E4 is partnering with COSAC, the national church’s combined social outreach committee that is made up of many components. Several of these include the mobile medical ministry, eye and rehabilitation clinic, Hope House for abandoned and orphaned children, Bon Samaritan ministry to over 300 widows and others. This is the land that COSAC will start building on this year.  The land was surveyed and master-planned this past summer by Engineering Ministries International.

E4 Project’s Gabonese partners outline their desires for PK27. PK27 is a 65 acre social outreach campus for the ministries represented by OSPAC.

PK27 is a bold initiative birthed out of a dream of the national church to meet the holistic needs of their communities. It is our desire to serve with them and see them replicate this model across Gabon and Africa. What a privilege and opportunity to serve alongside Nationals whose hearts break for their own poor, sick and marginalized and who want to see the church step in to make a difference. Use the links below to view both the report and the drawings for phase 1.

PK27 Design Report PK27 Drawing Packet


National Alliance Church – After a North American missionary presence of more than  70 years, the national church in Gabon is moving full circle from being a recipient of  Christian missions to being a catalyst for wholistic change in their own communities.  PK27 will be their first venture in establishing a foundation of hope in ministering to a  segment of the country’s population that represents over 60% of the country.

 La Maison De L’Esperance (Hope House) – A children’s ministry for abandoned and  orphaned children. This ministry was birthed out of a local pastor’s vision to see orphaned  and marginalized children given the opportunity to experience the love of Christ and  parents, and to thrive and enact positive change on a society that had left them for dead.
(Pastor Israel & Nathalie Ndoungou)

 Aviation Medicale de Bongolo – Air Calvary (known locally as “Aviation Medicale de  Bongolo) is a medical air transport non-profit looking forward to a potential airstrip  located at PK27. The services of Air Calvary links the poor, from every corner of the  country, to life-giving medical services, most notably to the Bongolo Hospital.
(Pastor Steve  Straw)

 Librairie de L’Alliance Chretienne (LAC) – National Christian Bookstore – The  largest Christian Book store in Gabon, they will be having a reading room (to teach  reading), and are building a print house that will employ people at the Bon Samaritain  ministry.
(Pastor Hippolyte Lubilanji Muteba)

Bon Samaritain – A new ministry the national church just initiated to support people in difficult situations, most notably – widows, widowers and the elderly. There are over 300 widows already benefitting from this ministry. There will be a housing facility and ministry center for this ministry at PK27.

Christian School System – The national church established a series of 42 grade schools, 7 middle schools and 4 high schools across Gabon. The government currently subsidizes these, although direction is given from their national office. There will be a grade school, middle school and eventually a high school as part of this campus. This will be necessary to service the Hope House Ministries, which is serving a need that is currently not being met at any level right now in Gabon.

Abundance Farm – A large portion of the property will be used to develop a farm. This farm will allow for the ministries at PK27 to be self-sustaining by becoming an agricultural profit center.

E4 and COSAC are partnering with eMI (Engineering Ministries International) for plans at PK27.  They have surveyed and master-planned the land already and will return in February to start planning the first 2 buildings.  The plans for the campus at PK27 can be found here: