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Finding My Life in Africa

Posted by on Sep 14, 2011 in Brynn Schmidt, Educate, Servant Justice | 1 comment

  I was standing in the middle of the Mathare Valley slums in Nairobi, Kenya looking around and seeing for the first time the view of the world that the people have in the slums, compared to my worldview.  I realized that I wanted to share in their worldview and that this would help me always care for the poor, needy and oppressed around me.  God created everyone around the world in His image and I knew that every person in this overpopulated slum was just as important to God as I was.  I knew that I had to show God that I cared about each and every one of them, the same way that He...

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Updates on Field Projects

Posted by on Mar 1, 2011 in Brynn Schmidt, Life in Abundance, PK27 | 0 comments

UPDATE ON PK27, LIBREVILLE, GABON – Our National Partners in Gabon are moving things along with PK27.  Now that the land is purchased (65 acres), the lead team is working on the master plan for the medical/social outreach campus.  We received a copy of it yesterday and are really excited to see them start the planning process.  Although it does not have the detail that will be needed to move forward, it is awesome to see the project start to take form. Below is a photo of the PK27 land. Pastor Jean-Marc Ynguemba, who leads the National Team for PK27 in Libreville, also contacted an...

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