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Hands of Grace
Lasting Impact

"The goal of missions isn’t quick gains but lasting results."
- Elliot Clark

We wanted to share two stories and ask for your support for one of these ministries. These stories showcase the long-term impact of our programs. It takes time and development is not accomplished quickly, but we see the lasting impact on the communities involved and lives changed for the Kingdom of God.

The first story is about the progress we see at the sewing center for widowed and poor women in Gabon. This program was started several years ago as a sewing training center for women. A true community evolved as the women learn together, share their lives, cook and eat together, pray and worship together, and mentor younger women both spiritually and through training. This is all because the center brought dignity and community to the women over the past few years. The center has its own board of directors and the women manage the day-to-day operations, sales at expositions in Gabon, and even international orders from shops in Canada and France. It has taken time to get to this place, but it is beautiful to see the lasting change in the women, the relationships formed, and the women's self-worth and dignity.

Church Plant

The second example comes from a family stabilization program in Gabon. It started with a door-to-door backpack distribution in a village as part of a broader comprehensive plan to help at-risk families. A local father offered to donate land for a church to be built after he witnessed the love of the team caring for his children. The Gabonese team connected the village to leaders of an established church in Libreville who provided the resources to plant and build a church on this donated land. Spiritual darkness is strong in this community and animism is widely practiced, and yet, Christ is working within this community through a simple program that showed love to the people in this village. Please pray for the strength of the new believers, church members, and our ministry partners who continue to serve in the area.

Both of the above are examples of redemption through Christ. We cherish your prayers for these programs and the communities served who are following Jesus. We have funded the current phase of the family stabilization project, but we ask you to consider assisting us with the sewing center. We need $6,000 for 2023 to continue to support the sewing center. Could you possibly play a part in making this happen? You can learn more here.

Thank you for your continued support of E4 Project. We can only support our Gabonese and Congolese ministry partners with you.

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