Our August newsletter shared our hearts about our journey through the recent hard times in the ministry of E4 Project. If you missed that newsletter, we encourage you to read it here. While it has been a difficult season, we have seen God on a daily basis. We are continually learning that it is essential to seek God daily and maintain an open posture toward His voice. He never changes, yet as our circumstances change and times are hard, we often change how we view Him. As followers of Jesus, we have doubt, fear and a lack of confidence based on our humanness. Every day, we all must choose to trust Him and put our total confidence in Him. We try to let go of the worldly things we hold on to and surrender them to God. We continually strive to give Him everything everyday, and as we do, He shows up in quiet whispers throughout each day. At E4,we continue to see His provision for us, but know that this requires daily trust. We continue to “seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33) every day as we look in obedience to where God wants to lead us.

As we have done this over the past month, we see the ways God continues to work through our leaders and programs in Gabon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and Pakistan. There are two areas we are in need of support for, both close to God’s heart, but very different in scope. We are praying that God puts one or the other on your heart to pray for and give to.

Persecuted Christians in Pakistan
As many of you know, we started a sewing training program in Youngsonabad, Pakistan. The first quarter has gone very well and we will share more about this soon. However, about a month ago, a nearby Christian community in the larger Muslim city of Jaranwala was targeted with violence and a mob burned down over 20 churches and 100 homes of believers, many of whom spent the night huddled with their families in a nearby sugar cane field. They lost everything because they believe in the one true God. There is a good article here from Open Doors Ministries that describes the attacks in more detail. This town in only 21 miles from Youngsonabad, where our partner, Messiah Ministry, serves daily. They have an incredible opportunity to serve the persecuted families in partnership with E4. We also see strategic positioning here for our partners to establish credibility in a new city where they can serve both Christians and Muslims moving forward.

We have created a cause page and are praying we can raise $5,400 to take care of 50-60 families with basic necessities such as food, water, utensils, bedding, Bibles and school supplies for the children. We have already raised $2,500 for this, so we only need $2,900 more! You can read more about the detailed plan to assist these families and serve to bring them back to a safe, healthy, basic standard of living.

Support Persecuted Christians

Nebobongo Medical Debt Relief
The other area that we have a significant need for funding is our Medical Debt Forgiveness Program at Nebobongo Christian Hospital in the DRC. We are especially looking for some donors who could commit to give monthly to this program. All the information about this program can be found through this link and giving can be set up on the same page. If you scroll down on the page, you will see a list of all the ways we have supported the hospital over the past ten years. This is one of two programs we do on a monthly basis (The other is the malnutrition program). Historically, we have sent $2,000 each month for debt forgiveness, but the monthly amount we have committed is closer to $900 currently. Most hospitals in the DRC actually keep their patients in a debtors' prison at the hospital until the families can pay their bills to release them. Nebobongo Christian Hospital leads with grace and sharing God’s love to all patients and does not follow this horrible practice. Please consider giving today or signing up to give monthly.

We are so thankful for all of you. Those who pray with us, give, or even just read our emails to know what is going on. We covet your prayers and are so thankful for any financial support for our programs or ministry in general as we work to move forward day by day.

Provide Medical Debt Forgiveness
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