Defending the Cause of the Poor and Needy

"He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?" Declares the Lord. Jeremiah 22:16

E4 Process

At E4, we believe the initial step is education. Fundamentally, change begins with knowledge that influences the heart, and this is where change starts to occur.


E4′s first project is PK27, a 65-acre campus that will serve the capital city of Libreville of 750,000. The campus will serve as a base for all medical & social outreach ministries.

Project Sunset

Purchase your t-shirt today and all profits go to reduce the risk of malaria in Gabon.  Mosquito nets are distributed by our partners in Gabon.

Multi Media Bar

OSPAC Mobile Medical Clinic

Don Wilcox shares his experience with the Mobile Medical Clinic and the FAC team.

FAC Men’s Breakfast

FAC Men’s Breakfast, Saturday, Nov 5.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Jacob at RMNP.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Mama Jeannine in the snow at Rocky Mountain National Park, CO


Eric Schmidt and Jacob Mouele sharing at RMCA.


Jacob Mouele and Eric Schmidt share at Rocky Mountain Christian Academy.

Tu Es La Plus Belle

Jacob singing “Tu Es La Plus Belle” (You’re the Most Beautiful) on a...

Jacob Mouele

Jacob Mouele and his family singing for us in Libreville.


PK27 Video – Gabonese vision and desires for the 65 acre social outreach campus.

Jean Marc Ynguemba

Jean Marc reviewing the PK27 Plans at Avea II during the EMI presentation.

Road to Chad

The road to Chad.

Woman at Chad

A woman coming in from the fields in Chad.

Girl at Chad

A girl at the village of Chad outside of Libreville. Taken at one of the OSPAC mobile...

Hope House Children

Some children of Hope House.

Hope House Children

Some of the boys at Hope House.

Women of Bon Samaritan

The women of the Bon Samaritan Ministry at Avea II

Jacob Mouele

Jacob and Jean Marc work with the EMI team on the initial plans for PK27.


The city of Libreville, Gabon.

OSPAC Clinic at Chad

The OSPAC team sets up shop in the village of Chad about thirty minutes outside of...

Master Plan Development

Tim Brokopp and Henry Watts share with OSPAC the initial phases of the Master Plan...

Hope House

The wonderful children of Hope House.

Joseph Working at RBC

Joseph working on creating eye glasses for the eye clinic.


The women of OSPAC at Avea Deu.

EMI Master Plan

Henry Watts and the EMI Team work with COSAC to develop the Master Plan for...

E4 Video

Jacob Mouele singing in Libreville, Gabon