Engage yourself.  Giving is important and strategic and ultimately absolutely necessary, but there is also so much more to do than just giving, one could even choose to go.  We have strategic short-term ministry teams that go to Gabon or the Democratic Republic of Congo on a regular basis and serve our International Ministry Partners in various ways.  There are opportunities for both the skilled and the non-skilled to make a real difference.  On a short-term ministry team you can:

  • Help meet the felt needs of our international partners
  • Serve alongside of them by
    • going on a vision trip and getting to know the people and places better
    • working on a short-term construction team
    • working on a short-term mosquito net or medicine distribution team
  • Get to know them at a deeper level
  • Pray with them
  • Laugh with them

You could also serve where you are by sponsoring an event to raise funds for a specific project.  One of our projects was actually started by a college student who started raising funds for mosquito nets and then went on a short-term trip to help distribute them.  Ultimately, that led to Project Sunset which now is engaged in malaria reduction programs in both Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Once you have gone on a few short-term teams you might find that you have the ability and the inclination to lead a team yourself or you could:

  • Recruit new faith community partners (churches, organizations, Christian schools)
  • Connect new partners with tools and resources from E4.
  • Provide consultation and written materials for a short-term missions team preparation and debriefing.
  • Establish healthy avenues of communication that lead to engagement between your church or organization and international partners.

These are just suggestions and not meant to exhaust the possibilities of service that God is calling you to do.