Hope House is a children’s ministry for abandoned and orphaned children. This ministry was created out of a local pastor’s vision to see orphaned and marginalized children given the opportunity to experience the love of Christ and parents, and to thrive and enact positive change on a society that had left them for dead. (Pastor Israel & Nathalie Ndoungou). There are between 40-60 kids living at this home at any given time. Hope House provides a loving and Christ-focused environment for the children and protects them from the dangers of human trafficking and living on the streets.  They also receive an education and the older children are taught skills that they can use to find employment once they are old enough to move on from Hope House.

This is another partner ministry that will be at PK27, but until the “Village of Hope” is built, we continue to partner with the Ndoungous and support their daily ministry.  It is very difficult to pay for rent on a house large enough for more than fifty people, and also the expenses of having so many children on a pastor’s salary.  We have assisted Hope House with medical & food expenses, clothing and funds for the renovation of their home. We sent an E4 Associate in 2011 to work with Pastor Israel and Nathalie regarding safe systems for the kids with visits, documentation, blood/HIV tests, medical and dental work and many other components.  We also send teams from our church partners that serve every year with the ministry. Currently we are raising funds to finish the renovation of their home. You can find this under our “Causes” page for Hope House.

We have just launched a Hope House Child Sponsorship Program. Follow the link below to learn about this exciting program.