$10,000 Matching Grant
We are excited to announce a $10,000 matching grant thanks to some generous donors. Please consider giving today to keep E4 Project strong. We are so thankful for your partnership and can only do this together. You can give here.
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Living through a Gray Zone
This past week I listened to a sermon from Pastor Mike Kelsey at Mclean Bible Church. He talked a lot about the anxiety and fear that so many of us are living with these days. I think a lot of us can relate to this...
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New Website
We have spent much of the last two months creating our new website. We were able to do all of this in-house with our small team and are incredibly thankful that we could do this without paying an outside firm.
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Medical Debt Forgiveness
This program at Nebobongo Evangelical Hospital allows for the staff to show the love of Christ through forgiving medical debt owed by the poorest patients. It is common practice in the Democratic Republic of Congo to keep the patients as prisoners at the hospital until their family can pay for their bills. Nebobongo Hospital has never done this, instead sharing the grace and love of Jesus with all patients. We are approximately 50% below our goal of $2,000 per month and ask that you prayerfully consider supporting this important ministry.
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Mobility Cart Distribution
We are so excited to share that our most recent mobility cart distribution took place in Gabon two weeks ago. Our team in Gabon distributed 59 carts to people in need of mobility, from ages 9-76 years old! The families and individuals who received carts all heard the Gospel Message also in a ceremony conducted with the distribution. We are incredibly thankful for this partnership with Mobility Worldwide, and the distribution's impact on those who receive carts. We are praying about a third container of carts for Gabon and potential container for Pakistan as well.
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