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Nebobongo Hospital is a Christian run hospital that is under the authority of the regional church, CECCA-16 in the northeast corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Nebobongo Evangelical Hospital, for all of its resource challenges, remains the best-equipped and staffed hospital in an area serving over 260,000 people in one of the poorest regions of one of the poorest countries on earth. The fact that they have doctors and medicine in their pharmacy puts them on a level above the majority of hospitals in the area.

The medical debt forgiveness program allows Nebobongo Hospital to treat all patients whether or not they can afford to pay for their care. Many hospitals in Congo have prisons where they will keep patients after they are discharged until their family can pay their bill to release them. Our partner program allows people to receive care at a hospital that shares the love of Jesus, grace and forgiveness through debt relief. People who need medical care don't have to choose between treatment and freedom to receive care.

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Nebobongo Hospital

Overview of the ministry of the Christian hospital in Nebobongo, Congo.

Below is a list of past and current projects we have been involved with. Since many of them are in response to a crisis such as a natural disaster or an epidemic our engagement is divided into two areas: Relief (responding to an immediate crisis) and Development.


  • Emergency funds provided for equipment and supplies during severe salmonella/malaria epidemics in 2012 and 2016.keyboard_arrow_right
  • Emergency funds provided to help keep hospital solvent when the region was hit with a livestock disease that wiped out most families’ wealth and ability to pay medical bills.keyboard_arrow_right
  • Emergency funds provided to repair electrical and internet infrastructure following a series of debilitating lightning strikes.keyboard_arrow_right
  • Malnutrition ward and outpatient program for children launched 2016.keyboard_arrow_right
  • Emergency funds for an Ebola outbreak in the region in 2012.keyboard_arrow_right
  • Poor fund to cover unpaid medical bills with a goal to one day help them achieve sustainability.keyboard_arrow_right
  • COVID-19 preparedness in 2020keyboard_arrow_right


  • Provided for the construction of housing for 2 new doctorskeyboard_arrow_right
  • Provided for the repair of old hospital cisterns and installation of new water towers and plumbing to restore running water to all hospital wardskeyboard_arrow_right
  • Provided proactive funding for any future Ebola outbreakskeyboard_arrow_right
  • Project Sunset launched and underway to fight against malariakeyboard_arrow_right
  • Solar power upgrades to the entire hospitalkeyboard_arrow_right
  • Provided brick presses that create cement stabilized compressed earth bricks that reduce the construction cost of new buildings 25-30%keyboard_arrow_right
  • Invested in a church-owned plantation that will provide long-term income for the churchkeyboard_arrow_right
  • Purchased Bibles for all CECCA-16 pastor and evangelist studentskeyboard_arrow_right
  • Pediatric malnutrition ward and outpatient programs launched in 2016keyboard_arrow_right
  • New pediatric ward completed in 2017, increasing hospital capacity by 30%. This initiative was initially spearheaded by Medical Ministries International and CARESkeyboard_arrow_right
  • New primary school completed in 2017keyboard_arrow_right
  • New Toyota Landcruiser purchased and delivered in 2018keyboard_arrow_right
  • Clean water provided to over 20,000 people and counting since launched in early 2018keyboard_arrow_right
  • Scholarship program launched in 2018 to meet the needs of primary school students who cannot afford schoolkeyboard_arrow_right
  • Began manufacturing tricycles for the disabled in 2019keyboard_arrow_right
  • Purchased and shipped a new x-ray machine in 2019keyboard_arrow_right
  • Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training provided to hospital and church staff in 2019keyboard_arrow_right
  • Container of medical supplies and equipment shipped in partnership with Medical Ministries International in 2020keyboard_arrow_right
  • 12 oxygen machines delivered in 2022-2023keyboard_arrow_right
  • Nurse Scholarship program 2021 - 2023keyboard_arrow_right

Why What We Do Matters

Hospital Staff praying with a patient before undergoing surgery is an important step of every operation at Nebobongo Hospital. Nebobongo is a Christian hospital that actively proclaims the gospel and while demonstrating the love of Jesus. All patients receive compassionate high-quality treatment regardless of their ability to pay.


What We Do

Public Health

At E4 Project, public health encompasses not only the physical well-being of individuals but also the spiritual, social, and emotional aspects of an individual’s health. In the countries where we serve, examples of various public health initiatives include providing access to clean water, malnutrition prevention, and medical care.

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Community Development

Our development approach to poverty alleviation seeks to address important community issues through a Biblical, holistic, and participatory process. This process involves working closely with community members to identify their strengths and assets, as well as the challenges they face, and to develop solutions tailored to their specific needs and contexts.

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We believe one of the best ways to help communities with poverty alleviation is through training and offering scholarships. We do this through the training of trainers, as we have done through CHE Training in both Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo, through educational scholarships, and sewing training for widows and needy women.

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