Our Story

How it all began

It All Started With a Friendship

A Friendship is Established

  • Initial friendship developed between Eric Schmidt and Jacob Mouele in Lambarene, Gabon check

Families Connect

  • Vision cast by Jacob Mouele, Gabonese pastor, and Eric and Brynn Schmidt after Schmidt family time in Gabon. check
  • E4 Project is founded by Eric and Brynn Schmidt check

Laying a Foundation

  • 501-c3 status received check
  • Partnership agreement reached with National Alliance church of Gabon regarding social ministries and the development of PK 27check
  • Land-cruiser 4X4 purchased for social/medical ministries of the church - equipping team for ongoing ministry to provide health care to remote regions of Gaboncheck
  • Partnership initiated with Nebobongo Christian Hospitalcheck
  • Purchase of PK 27 property check
  • First Mobile Medical team check


  • Support for ongoing mobile medical clinics to villages around the capital city of Libreville, Gaboncheck
  • Leadership training for Gabonese pastors and ministry leaderscheck
  • Launch of Malaria prevention program in Gabon for malaria prevention and mosquito net distributionscheck
Eric Schmidt and Jacob Mouele


  • Funds provided for much needed upgrades to the water infrastructure at Nebobongo hospital including new cisterns and the repair of old ones.check
  • First container of 550 Free Wheelchair Mission wheelchairs delivered and distributed by RBCcheck

Public Health Programs

  • Second container of 550 wheelchairs delivered and distributed in Gaboncheck
  • Malaria prevention program expands to include Nebobongo Hospital, DRCcheck
  • Sewing micro-enterprise ministry for widows and needy women launchedcheck
  • Housing built for new Congolese doctors at Nebobongo Hospital check
  • Project sunset hits the milestone of protecting 1000 families in Gabon with mosquito nets check

Nebobongo Expansion

  • Program launched to provide comprehensive care for 25 HIV positive children and young mothers in Gabon through HIV Hopecheck


  • Project Sunset in Nebobongo nearly eradicates malaria among the local pygmy population through education and the adoption of mosquito bed netscheck
  • First annual Sweat 4 Nets 5k race benefitting Project Sunsetcheck
  • Sewing training center opens for widows and needy women in Gaboncheck
  • Malnutrition program at Nebobongo beginscheck
  • Clean Water program initiated - springs enclosed provide clean water to a Pygmy villagecheck
  • A Christian primary school is built in Nebobongocheck
Bridge Community Church


  • Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training completed for over 60 leaders and pastors at Nebobongo Hospital check
  • Pediatric ward completed at Nebo, dedication ceremony attended by E4 Staffcheck
  • New Christian primary school at Nebobongo completedcheck
  • Container of medical equipment and supplies sent to Nebobongo from USAcheck
  • Ultrasound machine and training done at Nebocheck

Clean Water

  • First shipping container of 3,000 mosquito nets arrives in Gaboncheck
  • 14 wells completed in villages around Nebobongo, providing clean water to over 11,500 peoplecheck
  • Landcruiser purchased and shipped for Nebobongo Hospital public health programscheck
  • Over 34,000 people now educated about malaria prevention and 2,700 nets distributed to datecheck
  • 14 villages now have clean water, approximately 11,500 peoplecheck


  • Container of mobility carts through partnership with Mobility Worldwide are distributed to the needy in Gaboncheck
  • Second shipping container of 6,000 mosquito nets sent to Gaboncheck
  • Family Stabilization programs start check
  • X-ray machine delivered Nebobongo Hospital check

Clean Water

  • Second container of medical equipment and supplies shipped from the US check
  • Second Mobility Worldwide container sent and arrived with 197 carts check
  • Provided COVID support to partnerscheck
  • Two more springs completed near Nebobongo, clean water program reaches over 14,000 peoplecheck
Gabonese Children at School

Medical Ministries

  • Four medical scholarships provided to staff at Nebobongo Hospital check
  • 100 mobility carts distributed check
  • Hope Clinic opened check


  • Nurse scholarship program starts at Nebobongo Hospital check
  • Community Health Evangelism (CHE) training for leaders in Gabon check
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