Get Involved

Get Involved

Engage with E4

If you would like to dive in deeper with us we recommend you educate yourself first, so you can better share with and educate others.

Start with reviewing our website and videos and by reading “When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without hurting the Poor and Yourself” This book, more than any other besides the Bible, informs our philosophy on how we do development.

Here are some further suggestions for educating yourself that we recommend:



Engage yourself. Giving is important, strategic and ultimately necessary, but there is also so much more to do than giving. There are ways to serve where you live and with our partners in Gabon and Congo.

Serve where you are
Some great ways to serve where you are could include championing one of our causes through the following ways (or any new ideas you may have):

  • Plan a 5k or fun run add_circle_outline
  • Organize a bake sale at church or your children’s school add_circle_outline
  • Promote a restaurant fundraiser add_circle_outline
  • Plan a benefit concert add_circle_outline
  • Sell shirts/jewelry/mugs/art add_circle_outline
  • Organize a charity auction add_circle_outline
  • Host a formal gala add_circle_outline
  • Collect donated items for a community garage sale add_circle_outline

There are occasionally opportunities to volunteer directly with E4 Project. For example, all of our video work is done by volunteers as well as some graphic design. Some of our programs were even started or are now led by volunteers. If you would like to talk to someone about offering up your specific skills or championing a cause please email

Serve with our partners overseas

We have strategic short-term ministry teams that travel to Gabon or the Democratic Republic of Congo to serve our international ministry partners in various ways when our partners request that we send a team. Our partners know best what support they need and when they request a team we put a team together based on their requested needs. We will advertise those opportunities as they become available.

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